Sigma IP, founded in January 2006, is a consultancy firm for healthcare and intellectual property-related businesses. Services Sigma IP provides include R & D for state-of-the-art technologies, marketing and sales support, incubation activities, and coordination of intellectual property trading. Utilizing long years of experience in the medical industry and strong connections with patent attorneys and lawyers, Sigma IP meets high expectations for working out best business solutions in this field.


  • By means of intellectual property, we will contribute to innovations of cutting-edge technologies, business development, and creation of a wholesome society.
  • We will offer a place where individuals and the company can fulfill their dreams and accomplish their goals with integrity and passion.


Company Name SIGMA IP, INC.
Location 1-7-1-811 Kita, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo, 186-0001
Tel 042-511-9597
Fax 042-571-6642
Established January 4, 2006
President Yukiko Eizumi
Principal Services
  • To offer intellectual property solutions
  • To support technology & patent transfer
  • To provide support to foreign companies advancing into the Japanese market
  • Incubation activities for medical technology companies
  • Consultation in the medical field



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